Help is always wanted!

If you would like to do some of the work listed here or you have other ideas please get in contact.


  1. EuropeanDEM

With the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE) more and more high resolution digital elevation models under free licenses are published. Unfortunately, the data are mostly only provided with national horizontal and vertical reference systems and an easy pan-European utilisation is not possible. The aim is to derive a pan european digital terrain dataset with a standardised horizontal- and vertical reference system.

  1. OpenDEM Tracker

- Finding a solution for the global reference data. Hopefully will provide more precise pressure values in the future.
- Integration of GPS augmentation approaches. The non-commercial and low-cost techniques are especially interesting (EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS, etc.), as well as commercial techniques like SAPOS. It should also be possible to build up reference stations.
- Make use of the Android 7 (Nugat) capability to access raw GNSS measurements from your smartphone. Unfortunately the carrier-phase measurements are a problem, as are insufficient antennas.

  1. WebClient for free Digital Elevation Models

There are a lot of datasets out there, which are sometimes hard to find. The footprint of the datasets will be used for the link to the download sites. With a FeatureInfo WMS request, you will get all available datasets for this coordinate.

  1. DTM creation with microdrones

Microdrone approaches (hard- and software) should be used to derive Digital Terrain Models (DTMs). There were a lot of these flying through the air at the InterGeo 2010 in Germany. Even free software for the related data processing is available. This may be the future of low-cost high-precision DTMs. See, for example, the Jersey Shore Drone project.