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Publication UNIBW M: Precise GNSS positioning with commercial smartphones

Very interesting, but be aware that the result was archieved under laboratory like conditions.




Gebco Bathymetry Grid 2019 first derived products available

Contour lines and a Raster classification are derived from the GEBCO 2019 dataset.

Download the datasets here. There is also a viewer available.

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Arc to Meters Online Converter released

Convert arc seconds to meters or meters to arc seconds at a specified latitude.




Gebco Bathymetry Grid 2019 released

The GEBCO 2019 Grid is released under "Public Domain" like conditions with attributation. The resolution doubled with 15 arc-second.


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Saxonia (Germany) added to the OpenDemSearcher

There is a y axis order problem if you like to add the data e.g. to QGIS as a RASTER dataset. There is a good HowTo to solve that problem:


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Hong Kong (China), Mecklenburg-West Pomerania (Germany) and the Antarktis added to the OpenDemSearcher

For over 40% of the worlds surface now free DEMs exists.

Statistik free DEMs available

World Coverage of available high and mid resolution DEMs (in green) with Natural Earth country borders.

Map and statistics made with the equal area Gall-Peters Orthographic Projection.

Mind the digital gap!

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ArcticDEM added to the OpenDemSearcher

The ArcticDEM is a Digital Surface Model (DSM) of the Arctic region covering all land area north of 60°N with 2 m resolution. Be aware that there are some void strips in the dataset (see pictures below). DSM means that the surface is maped with buildings, vegetation and ice cover(!).



ArcticDEM Coverage Eurasia Release 7: ArcticDEM 1km raster over Natural Earth countries.

ArcticDEM coverage North-America

ArcticDEM Coverage North-America Release 7: ArcticDEM 1km raster over Natural Earth countries.

DEMs provided by the Polar Geospatial Center under NSF-OPP awards 1043681, 1559691, and 1542736.

Please read the acknowledgement policy of the Polar Geospatial Center (PGC) carefully.

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Regions in france added to the OpenDemSearcher

Free DEMs available for the department Calais, the region Brittany and the region Auvergne-Rône-Alpes.


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Five countrys added to the OpenDemSearcher

Free DEMs available for Japan, Estonia, Scotland, Latvia and Iceland.