Digital terrain model 1 metre raster

Data URL Link
Metadata URL Link
Horizontal Reference System EPSG:3794
Vertical Reference System


Resolution [m] 1
Distributor Agencija RS za okolje
License Mail Correspondence: "It is free of charge to use modify and re-use. Please refer to source: Ministry of the environment and spatial planning, Slovenian environment agency."
EVRF 2000 Offset [cm] 33

Tab 1: Basic data of the dataset

Processed with timestamp August 2018. The metadata for every tile could be downloaded here.

Be aware that there is a XY swap and the data could not be opened with common GIS software like QGIS or GDAL.

LINUX sort was used to get rid of the XY swap:

sort -k2 -n -k1 –t ';' input.asc -o

There are also some tiles missing in the fishnet which could be found under the following URLs: