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Tirol (Austria) was added to the OpenDemSearcher and data links were updated.

DTM and DSM are provided with 1 m resolution by the Abteilung Geoinformation under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Several data links for the high-resolution DEMs in Austria were updated.

Thanks for the advice Marcel!

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Taiwan was added to the OpenDemSearcher.

A DTM is provided with 20 m resolution by the National Development Council.




GEBCO 2021 data is now available in OpenSeaMap

Choose "View" from the top menu and activate the "Marine Profile (1:920.000)".

The vector data blended with OpenStreetMap was prepared for a WebMapTileServices in cooperation with the OpenSeaMap project. Further thanks to Kommunikationsnetz Franken e.V. (KNF) for the support.

There is also a map view available here on this website with FeatureInfo functionality.

Be aware that processing lines and contours with gdal_contours do not always come to the same results.

openDEM Searcher


Hesse (Germany) was added to the OpenDemSearcher.

DTM and DSM are provided with 1 m resolution by the Hessische Verwaltung für Bodenmanagement und Geoinformation.



Gebco Bathymetry Polygon Layer - Missing polygons were processed

Download the datasets here.




Attention! There are areas were the processing failed for some polygons of the Gebco Bathymetry Polygon Layer

Gebco Polygon Error