Metadata NRW (Germany)

Digital terrain model 1 metre raster

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Horizontal Reference System EPSG:25832
Vertical Reference System


Resolution [m] 1
Distributor Geobasis NRW
License dl-de/by-2-0
EVRF 2000 Offset [cm] 1

Tab 1: Basic data of the dataset

Processed with timestamp January 2017. The metadata for every processed tile of this timestamp could be downloaded here.

There is also an WFS available:

Be aware that the no data value in the exceeded border regions could be '0' or '9999'. In this case, a gdal calculation was applied:

gdal_calc -A input.tif --outfile= output.tif --calc="A*(A!=9999)"

It is not possible to use gdalwarp with multiple source null values. In this example it is assumed that the null values of the input tiff are 0 and 9999. If the condition A!=9999 is false the value zero will be applied and the new pixel value is zero.