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Gebco Bathymetry Grid 2021 Polygon Layer clipped by OSM water polygons

Polygons were derived from the GEBCO 2021 dataset and clipped by OpenStreetMap water polygons (date: 14.07.2021)

The data was split in 32 parts for processing reasons.

Download the datasets here.

Super Resolution



I played around a bit with the great deep learning library FastAI, but unfortunately didn't get convincing results. But try it yourself, here are some templates on GitHub: FastAI4DEM.




Gebco Bathymetry Grid 2021 Polygon Layer derived

Polygons were derived from the GEBCO 2021 dataset and clipped by Natural Earth Ocean layer.

Download the datasets here.



Gebco Bathymetry Grid 2021 first derived products available

Contour lines and a Raster classification were derived from the GEBCO 2021 dataset.

Download the datasets here. There is also a viewer available.

Super Resolution


Super-resulution with simple mathematics: Directional Convolution Interpolation.

Very promising results with an edge-directed image-zooming method.


openDEM Searcher


Argentina added to the OpenDemSearcher.

30 m Digital Surface Model (DSM) as Erdas Imagine Images (.img). These images could be read with common FOSS GIS Software like QGIS.

Partly higher resolution DTMs and DSMs are available (5 m and 0.5 m), marked in dark green in the image below.


© Instituto Geográfico Nacional & OpenStreetMap

Be aware that the terms & conditions include a none commercial passage.

openDEM Searcher


Switzerland added to the OpenDemSearcher.

DTM and DSM available with 0.5 m resolution as GeoTiff and ASCII X,Y,Z files.

The DSM data must be ordered.

Super Resolution


VDSR with upscale factor 5 processed.

As expected the overall error is much bigger and the improvement is not as good as for the upscale 3 model.


Super Resolution


Tuning the machine learning hyperparameters with Keras Tuner results in an improved Super-resolution model.



openDEM Europe


Processing of the 20 metres DTM of Italy finished.



openDEM Searcher


Some new countrys and states are added to the OpenDemSearcher.

France added, including the overseas regions French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, and Réunion.

Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) added, which completes the five new federal states in Germany.

openDEM Searcher


Happy new year!

Some new countrys and states (e.g. Slovakia and Poland) are added to the OpenDemSearcher.

Thanks to Rouven from for the hint.

The deadline for the EU countries for INSPIRE ANNEX 2 was in october 2020. ANNEX 2 includes DEMs. The INSPIRE Data Specification on Elevation–Technical Guidelines defined that the EVRF2007 realization of EVRS should be adopted as height vertical reference for pan-European geo-information. The actual realization of EVRF is 2019. As far as I know Poland is the first country that realized that requirement for there free DTM.

Euro DEMs

Countries in Europe with free available DEMs. High resolution DEMs (<= 2m) in green, and mid resolution DEMs (2-30m ) in lightgreen. Made with natural earth.