About the OpenDEM Project

This is an open project for sharing the 3rd dimension of the earths surface.

There are many ways to record the earth´s surface:

- Aerial photography
- Remote sensing
- Microdrones
- Trachymeter

If you have any height data that could be licensed under the Open Database License or current OSM license (CC-BY-SA), please provide the dataset, so it can be used by the project.

Do not provide any data that is protected by copyright laws!

There are many other ways to support the project, so please visit the Roadmap section.

Help is wanted!

Why Open Data is important

The extension and dissemination of human knowledge is one of the most important factors for a sustainable society. In most decisions that affect society, spatial aspects are an important factor. Therefore it is obvious that geoinformation must be freely accessible, without restrictions, for the user to arrive at sustainable and fractually based decisions.

The collective collection of data and knowledge outside the classical hierarchical structures via the internet is a relatively new phenomenon, often called “Commons based Peer Production” or just “Peer Production”. It is more than "just" software. A list of open projects dealing with the development of physical products can be found on the Open Innovation Projects website. If you want to know more about this kind of production and how it could change our society, the Ökonux Project is a good starting point.