Help is always wanted!

If you would like to do some of the work listed here or you have other ideas please get in contact.


  1. OpenDEM Tracker:

- Finding a solution for the global reference data. Hopefully will provide more precise pressure values in the future.
- Integration of GPS augmentation approaches. The non-commercial and low-cost techniques are especially interesting (EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS, etc.), well as commercial techniques like SAPOS. It should also be possible to build up own reference stations.
- Online tool for the correction of the app data with a personal reference station (another mobile device or GPS).

  1. WebClient for free Digital Elevation Models:

There are a lot of data out there, which are sometimes hard to find. The footprint of the datasets will be used for the link to the download sites. With a FeatureInfo WMS request, you will get all available datasets for this coordinate.

  1. DTM creation with microdrones:

Mircodrone approaches (hard- and software) should be used to derive Digital Terrain Models. There were a lot of these flying through the air at the InterGeo 2010 in Germany. Even free software for the related data processing is available. This may be the future of low-cost high-precision DTMs. See, for example, the Jersey Shore Drone project.